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Within 510 days after we get your application, our Admissions Coordinator will contact you to review your information, help you with any sections you are missing, and chat with you about the program. If you do not hear from us in the specified time frame or if your contact information changes, please call us. The application is the first step to applying but does not guarantee admission to the program, our Admissions Coordinator will discuss the next steps with you by phone. We encourage you to look up information on our web page and watch for social media updates on our Facebook Page. When you have completed this application, you can get it to us by:

EMAIL: Or to fill out by phone

CALL US: 17053705307 (follow the prompts for Admissions Coordinator)

FAX: 1(705) 3705308 Attn. Admissions


NOTE*** You will need to complete the fillable forms, save to your computer and then email to us.